It is highly necessary to have a healthy and constant relationship between the school and parents. The school needs maximum co-operation of the guardians. They ought to seek maximum information about their wards and their progress in order to have fuller understanding of his/her nature, talents, environmental influence etc.

   * As the first step in this direction, it is earnestly recommended that the parents and the guardians familiarize themselves with diary and rules it contains. 

   * It is also recommended that the parents check the diary of their child regularly and make sure that the child does the assigned home work. Remark made in the diary should be seen and countersigned. (Failure to do it may put the child in great inconvenience).

   * Parents/Guardians or any relative must not go to meet the students in the class room during the class hours as it would disturb the whole class. Appointment with teachers shall be made through the PRINCIPAL.

   * It is recommended that lunch be sent with the children themselves. If anyone brings the Tiffin for the child, the person shall not directly enter the classroom but contact the peon.

   * Any request or complaint made by the parents or guardians should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher. Any extra ordinary correspondences from the school to the parents or guardians go only through the Principal. Teachers are also requested to give almost importance to this regulation.

   * Criticism of a teacher in the presence of the child should be strictly avoided as it is likely to hinder his progress. If you have a legitimate complaint feels free to approach the principal.

   * Students who are ill shall not be sent to the school.

   * Talking leave from the school for mere social functions is discouraged because it retards the progress and interest of your child and hinders his/her respect for regular hard work to the school. The school is not responsible for any article or money lost.

   * The parents are requested to see that their wards do not bring any valuable articles like golden chain, toys.

   * Parents are requested to meet the class teachers at least once in two months. But you are not allowed to meet them during the class time. Frequent visit to the school, especially to the principal and enquiry about the progress of the children are highly recommended.

   * The parents/Guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in their address or phone number.