The following are the aims and objectives of the school.

  1. The chief educational aim is the formation of the Person, and not mere information. This implies the guided development of the physical, mental, moral, intellectual and spiritual powers of the child.
  2. To help our students become integrated and responsible members of the communities in which they live - the family, the school, the neighbourhood, the nation and the modern world.
  3. To mould children with a clean sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, self reliance and integrity.
  4. To develop positive attitudes of life, which will lead to empathetic understanding of others and their integrity.
  5. Care for the development of those skills, by which our students can acquire knowledge and understanding namely the skills of listening, reading, writing, speaking, observing and calculating.
  6. To nurture the values which will determine the patterns of behaviour required to live in harmony with individuals and with nature.